Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mera dolls :: Then and Now

Mera ages gracefully, doesn't she? Must be good genes. The first doll was sold in 1967 (more than 40 years ago!) by the company IDEAL as part of their Super Queens dolls line; and who deserves the title of queen more than Mera? After all she's queen of two worlds. I found this picture along with others at . I think, however, this must be a reproduction, not an original...but what do I know?

The second doll was offered as a convention exclusive exactly 4 decades later. The Tonner Doll Company had this fancy event at the Swan & Dolphin in 2007 here in Orlando FL (if I had known I would have snuck in and gotten some goodies for myself) to lanch their Aquaman doll. The Mera doll is an exclusive and as you can imagine very hard to find (cheap anyway). Dolls are not really my thing, but I'm glad whenever Mera is out there in any shape or form.

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Anonymous said...

The 1967 Mera dollshown here and on Jemboys site are original. I myself have a Mint sealed in box example of this doll and I assure you my friend that this is the real deal.
Ray Flores