Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mera becomes a spokesperson for Cup Cakes

You have seen her selling Hostess Fruit Pies.  You have seen her modeling for Hostess Twinkies.  Now, the Queen of Atlantis is the face of Hostess Cup Cakes in an adventured simply titled "The Ice Age"

One day, a giant ice creature appeared on the ocean surface, right above the underwater Kingdom of Atlantis...

As the atlanteans start turning to ice, Mera and Aqualad wonder what could be causing this terrible disaster...

Aquaman finds the creature, who calls itself "Iceberg Head", and tries to fight it, but it is too powerful.  Queen Mera has an idea: Why not give the icy monster some yummy Hostess Cup Cakes to warm it up?  She sends Aqualad with the delicious gift.

It turns out that Iceberg Head is crazy for Hostess Cup Cakes, and his attack ends as suddenly as it started.  Mera has saved Atlantis!

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