Sunday, October 17, 2010

The DC Comics Encyclopedia

The beautiful Mera was monarch of Xebel, an other-dimensional aquatic civilization much like Earth's Atlantis, until she was deposed and banished to Earth by the evil Leron.  Aquaman helped Mera regain rule of Xebel, but she then left her home to be with him.

Mera by Steve Epting

Mera and Aquaman's marriage foundered after the murder of their infant son, Arthur Jr., by the diabolical Black Manta. They separated and Mera became the unwilling mate of Thanatos. Aquaman freed Mera from Thanatos, and she returned with him to Poseidonis, capital of Atlantis, to general rejoicing.  After Atlantis was destroyed by the Spectre during the Infinite Crisis, Mera became leader of the survivors.

Art from Aquaman 69

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