Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hawkgirl Mini Comic

Burger King ran a promotion back in the early 2000s (wow it's been that long?) offering Justice League toys with each kid's meal.  Each figure came accompanied with a mini-comic (and by "mini" I truly mean "mini", the comic had eight pages of story and measured 3"x4") starring the respective character.  Shayera's comic was issue number 2 of the series titled "Justice League Adventures".  She also appeared in issue number 8 where the entire team assembled.

In her solo adventure, Hawkgirl has to help some kids rescue a pair of kittens.  After crazy obstacles, trials, and tribulations, she achieves her goal, only to realize she now has to rescue another dozen more.  Just like that, she takes off with a smile in her face ready to finish the task. 

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