Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Batgirl and Mera go water skiing

I love the campiness of the 70's! Back in 1976 (when I was born) SeaWorld Orlando (30 minutes from where I live) built this great aquatic theatre, and its opening attraction was a show titled "Salute to the DC Super Heroes!". The cast consisted of:

Wonder Woman

Batgirl - Supergirl - Black Canary - Mera
Robin - Batman - Superman - Aquaman - Flash

Yup! Two of our redheads were part of the spectacular supercast (they are the ones holding the SeaWorld Flags), and even more, apparently Mera was one of the main characters, according to the article below. I wish they had something like this now, but I guess if it ever were to happen, it would be in a Six Flags park instead of Sea World; and of course, we have close to 10.000 amusement parks here in Orlando, except a Six Flags.

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