Thursday, August 25, 2011

Farewell Hawkwoman!

One day people will ask "where were you when Hawkwoman got the axe?", so remember where you are as you read this.  The unthinkable is happening, but after much pondering, it seems the right thing to do.  I am dropping Shayera from the redheads blog and this will be her last week in it.  It all goes back to the prelude to Infinite Crisis mini "The Rann-Thanagar War", which was supposed to be the series that marked the return of Hawkwoman to the DC Universe; but ended up being the place of her demise.

Then, came "Blackest Night", and along with it, speculation of Shayera's possible return.  But sadly, it did not happen; twelve heroes and villains were given back their life... one of them a hawk-lady... not Kendra Saunders... a redhead... Shiera Hall!  So there went another chance of seeing the Thanagarian officer again.  Finally, at the end of "Brightest Day" Shiera vanished, and later DC announced the soft-reboot.  In it, there is a new, modern, "savage" version of Hawkman, but no indication of Shayera, or a Hawk-lady for that matter.

So a new universe looms in the horizon, and no solid evidence that she will be a part of it.  It is time to move on and accept she is gone.  Shayera Thal, the Silver Age Thanagarian Hawkwoman is my definite, all-time favorite female character in the DC Universe, and it pains me to let her go, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post, it is about moving forward and supporting this new initiative.  Of course, I still have hope that she will come back one day, and if she does, there is no doubt she will return to this blog as well.

While that happens (fingers crossed) the focus of this blog will shift starting next week to those other three redheads we all know and love! "Wait... what do you mean those other three?!?"  Hmmm...

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