Saturday, June 4, 2011

The new DCU and the Redheads

So in a shocking move that has polarized the comic book industry, fans all over the world, and a big chunk of the web, DC Comics announced on Tuesday that in September it will be renumbering its entire line of titles, that all its characters will be revamped at a point where they are younger, and that the stories will be told for today's audience.

DC says it's not a reboot, some say it is; others believe it's an alternate Earth (see JLA #0), others think of Marvel's "Heroes Reborn" trainwreck. Whatever it is, we can expect the redheads to be impacted... but will it be for better or for worse? Let's speculate!

Mera:  Her place in the new DC Universe is guaranteed, and it will be a good one.  A hot property after Blackest Night and Brightest Day, the Queen of Atlantis will be written by Geoff Johns and pencilled by Ivan Reis in the new Aquaman series.  An updated backstory, a kick-ass 'tude, and a link to the Red Lanterns make of Mera a star to watch in the new DCU.

Batgirl:  For years Barbara Gordon has been the apple of discord amongst fans.  Some want her back as Batgirl, some want her to stay as Oracle, and DC has remained undecided at times steering the character one way, but then taking it back.  Chloe Sullivan or Wendy can be the new Oracle so Barbara can be Batgirl again, but will it happen? Time will tell.

Hawkwoman:  Now we know there will be a Hawkman series starring Carter Hall, who most likely will have Shiera Hall as his love interest.  Unless DC decides to write a interstellar romance for Carter with a Thanagarian cop, Shayera Thal does not have a chance of being part of this new DC Universe.  Sadly (for me) she is the one with the lesser chance.

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