Thursday, December 11, 2008

The modern TV era :: Hawkgirl

After the Thanagarian invasion and the revelation that Hawkgirl was in fact a spy, the winged wonder left the Justice League rather than being kicked out by her former teammates. This seemed to be the end of Shayera's story with the Justice League...

But then came Justice League Unlimited. When Salomon Grundy resurrected and was wreaking havok, Hawkgirl returned and was the only one who could stop him. She was ashamed for the part she played in the invasion, but despite this, she was welcomed again in the team's ranks.

No longer wearing her thanagarian police uniform but a jumpsuit, and going simply by "Shayera", the winged wonder returned to the Justice League Unlimited. This proves that it is not the title of Hawkgirl, or the helmet, it is the warrior inside who is an ass kicker...Yeah! - Hear that Kendra? -

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